Useful moving tips:

  •  Take your time when choosing a removal company.  Picking the cheapest company can be very risky. Insurance and reputation are very important. Keep in mind, the company you are choosing will be handling everything you own.
  • Create a moving checklist. Moving can be very stressful and it helps to have a visual checklist to stay organised.
  • Packing takes longer than you might think so don’t leave it until the last minute! Start with items you can do without for a week or two. For handy advice check out our packing tips page.
  • Spend a little extra to get good quality packing boxes. The thicker the better!! There is nothing worse than having a box split open and having to re-pack. Spread books between boxes, while we do claim to be very strong , a box full of books can bring a hero to tears.
  • Use good quality tape and remember, more is better!!
  • Be sure to label all of your boxes with contents and room. This helps you when un-packing and helps us when un-loading the truck.



Packing Tips for Moving


Here are some handy packing tips we have learnt along the way.

Feel free to call one of friendly staff members for any specific advice!

1. Start by purchasing packing supplies and moving boxes. You will need a range of different sized boxes depending on your possessions. Make sure you purchase good quality packing materials and strong moving boxes or cartons; feel free to give Move-n-it a call for some recommendations. What you will need:


Padding materials

Bubble wrap

Butchers Paper                                                     Check out for your supplies.


Heavy duty packaging tape

Labelling stickers

Marker pens

2. Create a “moving file” with important paperwork you might need during your move. Make sure you have contact information for important people (real estate agent, lawyer), and any important documents you could need before you have the chance to unpack.

Store this file in a safe place, such as in your purse or personal bag, where you will not accidentally pack it in a box!

3. We recommend packing a suitcase for each member of the family a few days in advance. Include anything you might need during the first few days at the new place, it can take a long time to get unpacked and there is nothing worse than scouring through boxes looking for your favourite pair of track pants!

Keep these suitcases in a safe place where they will not be mixed in with everything else.

4. Move-n-it are green moving advocates! To reduce your impact on the environment and save money, use old clothes, towels and linen for padding! Instead of buying kilometres of bubble wrap turn to your clothes to provide that padding. Not only does it save you money, but you have to pack the clothes anyway, so it’s really two birds with one stone.

For things like glassware, wrap them in socks! It’s almost like that’s what your socks were truly meant for!

5. There is nothing worse than getting to your knew house and realising you have no idea how to

re-connect your electronics!

To avoid this catastrophe, take photos of complicated set ups, like the back of your TV.

You may also want to snap a photo for frame arrangements and decorative set-ups, too.

Furniture Removals Man. packing tips

Effectively and Efficiently – Packing Tips

1. Create a “packing station” at your current residence. You will need a wide open space where you can drag and drop all your stuff to speed up the packing process. This is where you’ll have your boxes, your packing materials, and your pens, tape, and labels. Think of this as an “action station”.

2.Time to start packing ! Avoid packing air. Wrap each item properly with enough layers of butchers paper, bubble wrap, or clothes. Pack these items inside a box with extreme care in the best position possible to avoid damages. Always place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. To cut down on boxes, aim to fit as many items in each box safely.

-Use smaller boxes such as wine/book cartons for heavier items.

Pack fragile items with extra care. If required, use more layers of butchers paper or bubble wrap for delicate items. Place glad wrap between bottles and caps to prevent leaking. Use wadded newspapers or crushed papers to fill empty space in boxes.

-After packing each box, tape it up, fill out the room and contents label and then put a number on it.

Doing this will keep a tally for you and the movers.

3.We recommend packing one room at a time. Carefully mark and tape each box so you can find everything when you unpack.

Make sure to pack everything that belongs in a particular room together in a room-labeled box. This makes unpacking easier.

Also, having room labelled boxes means as we unpack the truck we can put each box in its corresponding room.

4. Toss away junk and only box things that you use. Moving house presents a great opportunity to have a garage sale! Use your Tupperware containers for all loose things you find as you empty drawers from the kitchen, desks, or table drawers throughout the house. Use any re-usable shopping bags for holding miscellaneous items such as electronics cables. Always stack plates vertically, like records. Don’t forget to look in the dishwasher! 🙂



Finishing the Job – Packing Tips


1. Pack an “open first” box. This should include items you’ve been using up until the date of the move. Things like small handy items you might need access to before you unpack all boxes. It could be helpful to have items like toilet paper, spray n wipe, cleaning cloths, pens, scissors, plastic/paper plates/forks, towels for each family member, some simple cookware, a knife for unpacking etc.

Remember you will most likely need to eat, wash your hands and shower before you have unpacked everything at the new house.

Also, we recommend including a pack of cookies or chocolate bar in this box. Sweet treats are a good way to keep the grumps at bay!!

2. Stack boxes when you have finished filling, taping, and labelling them. Aim to keep them stacked in a clear, open area such as a rumpus room. Keep your extension cords and multi plugs in one box; making them easier to find later.

Clearly label that box!!

3. Now is a good time to count your boxes. If you have more than you anticipated give the movers a call. You might end up needing a bigger truck than the one you have booked!

4. On moving day, check each room to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Remember: when the truck has been filled, and the movers let you know they have everything, checking out each room to make sure that nothing has been left behind is your responsibility. When you are certain the house is empty,  it is time to shut the door and leave!

Feel free to contact one of friendly staff members for more packing tips or any specific advice!

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